My name is Chelsea Babin and I am an undergraduate student studying Journalism & Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While majoring in Journalism, I will also be working towards a degree in English.

I graduated from Lenoir City High School and started my collegiate career at Middle Tennessee State University. I spent my freshman year there working with MTSU Sidelines- the student ran paper.

After transferring to UTK, I have taken my core journalism classes and worked with the Daily Beacon and TNJN on campus.

Although Journalism is a strong passion of mine, I also enjoy photography, books, films, painting (art in general) and going on adventures with friends and family. My dream is to someday travel to all seven continents.

Being an avid tweeter and intsagrammer, I hope to some day turn them into travel blog and share my adventures and findings with the world.

My social media posts are currently mostly about hiking trips with my best friends and plenty of pictures of my kitten, Captan.

I try to stay as up to date as possible on all news—but usually entertainment takes precedence. Nearly 95% of the time, I am able to tell you about the latest celebrity gossip or the latest song released. So with that being said, I one day hope to work for a media outlet like Billboard Music or BuzzFeed…one that has everything to do with entertainment and or social media.

Until graduation, you can find me on my phone either reading or typing somewhere on UT’s campus.

My Resume

Chelsea Babin


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