Oak Ridge Native Turned Hollywood Photographer

All it takes is a camera as a gift and a passion for taking photos.

An Oak Ridge native returned to the area to share his Hollywood photography adventures with his former hometown.

George Holz is a former UT student who is now known for photographing fashion, nudes, and celebrity portraits.

He left UT after attending in 1976-77 and went to graduate from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1980. Since graduating, he has done work in Europe, Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville.

Holz’s showing of material from his newly published book, “30 Years of Portraits,” was on April 14 at UT.

“Tennessee really did give me my start,” said Holz, “It was the foundation for everything.”

Holz’s sister gave him a camera as a gift and that just pushed him even further he said.

It all started when Holz was very young. He said from around the age of ten, he started disappearing from the family portraits because he was the one taking them.

“I always loved cameras. I loved taking pictures. I just always loved the image,” said Holz.

According to Holz, his late father banned him from developing film in the basement because the chemicals were corroding the pipes that he used to dry the photos.

After being banned from the basement, he became apart of the Oak Ridge Camera Club where he said he learned a lot more about photography.

“From the time that first photo came up in high school, I was photographing pets, family, and girlfriends; Just anything I could take pictures of,” said Holz.

When Holz was 17, he had his first photo published with People Magazine. When he attended UT, he became a photographer for the Daily Beacon.

While attending the Art Center in California, Holz began interning with Hollywood photographer Helmut Newton. Newton urged Holz to move to Milan and start working with European magazines.

After returning to the United States, Holz began his career as a fashion and advertising photographer. He began shooting for People Magazine, Rolling Stone and the New York Times.

Holz has published two books, Original Sin in 1997 and 30 Years of Portraits in 2015.

The School of Journalism and Electronic Media sponsored the UT showing. More information can be found at: http://www.georgeholz.com/old-site/ and http://www.holzhollywood.com/.


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