“A Student’s Perspective of Beating Florida To Break the Streak.”

Against the odds, the Tennessee Vols ended Florida’s 11-game winning streak on Saturday. The won over Florida, 38-28.

Even though UT didn’t seem like it was there to play at all during the first half, they definitely played some football in the second half.

After throwing four consecutive touchdowns, UT pulled off a 10 point win.

My personal experience probably does not reflect any excitement that I have toward the Vols winning. Since I did not attend the game, I was confined to watching it on TV.

I was supposed to work a double on game day but I ended up getting the night off, which only furthered my excitement for UT.  

Even though I got off work before the second quarter, I did not start watching the game until about halftime. I was tired of listening to fans everywhere talking about how awful the Vols were playing, so I didn’t really care to watch it just yet.

The University of Michigan was playing Penn State at the same time of the UT game. Being from Michigan, I will always have a special place in my heart for the Wolverines.

Michigan was winning over Penn State by double digits and it was a pretty interesting game to watch. So I flipped between both channels every few moments to keep updated with the scores.

Once I was sure that Michigan was going to win, I started watching the Vols game more. Once I started doing that, Dobbs threw a touchdown pass.  

I was home alone on my couch, so I didn’t really yell or shout, but I was still filled with excitement that UT was finally in the game.

I was able to text about the game with friends, and that is where most of my excitement went.

Not to mention that I was sick during the game so I really didn’t do much besides lay on the couch and fight sleep.

There is no better medicine than watching your teams win a huge game. Watching UT pull off such a great win instantly made me feel better.

I hope to go to the game next year and watch the Vols win against the Gators again. I think UT just started a new streak, but it will last even longer than the previous one.

Go Vols!


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