Chancellor Jimmy Cheek has lunch with students

University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek had lunch with about a dozen students on Friday at the Student Union.

        He decided to treat 10 students at random to meals from Chick-fil-A, and they sat together at a big table.

        The students were grateful for the opportunity from the chancellor.

        “That was kind of him,” said Jan Smith from Asheville, N.C., “I ended up ordering the 12-piece nuggets instead of the four-piece I normally do. Now I won’t be starving for a few hours.”

        Chancellor Cheek feels that it is a great way to get to know students and get their feelings about what is going on around campus.

        “We try to do this about once or twice a quarter to try to talk to the students on their level,” said the chancellor, who added that he ordered a fried chicken sandwich and a sweet tea with lemon. “We want to work towards better communication. Discussing topics farther and in more detail gives us in administration more insight.”

       The students that participate in the event say that it’s nice to be able to have their voices heard from the administration of the university.

        “I thought it was good,” said Mark Macon, a senior in Political Science from Cookeville, Tenn. “It lets us see that the Chancellor is easy to talk to and interested in the students.”

        The topics differed from student to student but all events are open for discussion.

        “We talked about some of the issues that have been in the news lately, like the Pride Center,” added Smith. “But overall, it was fun. I was going to get a Bar-B-Que sandwich until I found out about the lunch.”


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