UT Diversity Inclusion Week 2017

This week is Diversity and Inclusion Week in the College of Communication and Information at UT.

Students can take part in a variety of events throughout the week that are meant to bring students together and teach them about diversity.

Ashley Butler, Events Coordinator of the Diversity Student Leaders Society, said that she feels this week of events is crucial to UT because there is a problem with diversity on campus.

“There is a problem because a lot of students come to the university with previous prejudices and don’t necessarily know how to handle differences,” said Butler, “The reason we have these events is to bring students together to talk about how to handle the differences and understand their fellow peers.”

Butler said that the recent Pride center vandalism really shows that there problems at the university with diversity and inclusion.

Along with Butler, senior Katelyn Houston also feels that there is a diversity problem on campus.

“It’s not just on campus, but the entire country is having a problem with diversity and inclusion,” said Houston.

Houston said that she supports the Diversity and Inclusion week of event because people need be more accepting of everyone.
The weeks events end with a big festival on Thursday. The festival will include more interaction with people and different activities. It is meant to bring people together.


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