UT on the Presidential 2017 Election

The first presidential debate aired Monday night. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled verbally against each other for the entirety of the debate.

UT Senior Alexis Fitzgerald watched the whole debate, and said that Clinton dominated it in her opinion.  

“I thought that Hillary won the debate. She was very composed and prepared” said Fitzgerald. “She [blew] Trump away and really got under his skin.”

Fitzgerald said that when he [Trump] attacked her [Hillary], she held it together.

Senior Katelyn Houston watched part of the debate and said that both candidates were childish.

“I only watched an hour and fifteen minutes of the debate before turning it off because of how immature the candidates were being,” said Houston.

Houston and Fitzgerald both can agree that Clinton was more composed than Trump.

“She is used to being on screen, and her answers were more mature than his. Her body language was handled well,” said Fitzgerald.

The debate consisted of multiple questions about different issues that both candidates had to address.

“I feel like most presidential candidates usually go around the question and answer a completely different one,” said Houston.

Fitzgerald agreed with Houston and said that Trump’s diversion of questions just further shows Clinton’s winning of the debate.

“She answered the questions that were asked and Trump would divert away from actual questions,” said Fitzgerald.
Both Houston and Fitzgerald agreed that Hillary won the debate, and that Trump was very immature during the whole process.


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